Kai was warm, accessible, knowledgeable, and able to convey so many important messages about mental health.

Casey Carr

Associate Dean of Students, Cornell University

Kai shared his experiences and knowledge through a unique and universal way of communication – music! He led a great discussion and made me feel comfortable to share experiences I have had. His music kept me engaged and it’s impressive to see how he used this to overcome so much. I hope everyone gets a chance to attend this and learn about Kai, mental illness, and themselves!

Cynthia Y.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

Felt real. Being able to hear a man in his twenties share his personal experiences with mental health proves that once we use our voice, more people will stand up and stand strong to receive treatment and advocate for themselves and others. I learned that many other people deal with panic attacks when smoking Marijuana more than we know. Those who either experience the same or know someone who struggles with mental illness should tune in. Voices like Kai’s need to be heard. And the music he writes speaks volumes.

Jazmine G.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

My experience at this event was great! I am very familiar with mental health but I have not heard too many stories of mental health from the perspective of Black men. It was eye opening to hear of Kai’s experience. Music is truly healing so it was wonderful to hear Kai’s story through his music!…Others should join this event because of Kai’s vulnerability and honesty. Being at this event truly made me feel that I am not alone! Thank you so much!

LaShaun C.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

I’m a mental health therapist and have always been a strong advocate for mental health. I truly enjoyed your presentation and I encourage you to continue to share your story. African Americans often refuse to get therapy due to fear of what someone might know. Its okay to seek help and understand you are not alone. Therapy WORKS if YOU work it.

Vernelia M.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years as well as depression on and off. I was in therapy and it was helping, but the past few years I haven’t been connected to a therapist and I’ve been struggling. This helped me remember the basics that get lost when your anxious all the time. It also helped remind me where I had improved before and how. I really appreciated his openess, calmness, and whole atmosphere.

Alexis S.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

Kai’s combination of his story and his music surrounding his mental health experiences kept me and the audience engaged and interested. He was vulnerable and honest, while also using humor and thought-provoking insights that he’s learned from therapy and other experiences. I learned a lot about different symptoms and experiences with anxiety that I didn’t know much about, and I also related to some experiences. People should attend if they want an interesting and entertaining point of view about overcoming anxiety, and potentially if they want to feel less alone about their own mental health struggles.

Margo J.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

Kai gave a really powerful presentation reflecting on his past experiences with trauma, anxiety, and managing his health and wellbeing that resonated deeply with me. His original music, performed lived, was woven in throughout an ongoing dialogue with the audience which made the presentation very dynamic and really engaging. Communing with others in that space helped me learn that these issues with anxiety that I have personally experienced really do affect a lot more people than I realized….I think other people should attend a future presentation with Kai because his unique and dynamic form of expression opens up the space for people to express themselves and find community with others with shared experiences. This is something we all need to move from that fight or flight feeling to flourishing!

Kevin J.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

I was captivated. The music was real, deep, reminiscent, nostalgic, different. The story was captivating, vulnerable, and educational. People should attend because they will learn practical things, get to hear somebody’s captivating story, and be entertained by good music.

Theophilus O.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

It was extremely intimate and informal. It felt like a mixture of a concert and a class at the same time, but everything felt very chill. I love how you linked in each story to the song. I appreciate how you took your time. I’m seeing a ted talk in the future.

Kameron K.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

The mental health and music show was an unique experience. The break down of Kai’s journey with Anxiety and life events was a great set up for the music being played. It allowed the audience to see that music can definitely be a reflection and healing tool for you to overcome. I attended because I lost someone dear to me that was dealing with depression and I have started to have symptoms also. I wanted to tune in to see what advice I could get from listening and start my process of healing.

Gregory H.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, March 2022

I really appreciate Kai for sharing his music and story. It helped me to better understand my sisters struggle with anxiety/w/OCD and intrusive thoughts and depression.

Kim W.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, April 2022

Being able to hear Kai’s story and to experience it through the music performance was very compelling and inspiring. I can appreciate the use of music and other creative tools to manage anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. People should attend in order to get a first hand opportunity to hear the story of a black man be transparent and courageous in navigating through something that can be made to be taboo and unnecessary to address.

Kendra K.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, April 2022

My experience was positive and feels sacred. I appreciate the music breaks and would love to hear more…

Saafyr P.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, November 2022

Kai addressed these issues in a powerful yet relatable tone and fostered more student engagement than we have seen in a long time.

Julia B.

Drug Free Communities Program Coordinator, Iroquois School District

Kai Roberts made an awesome experience out of his mental health journey. I was engaged the entire time and learned some new things in the process. Music was deep, same with the story. I learned that my anxiety can affect my sex drive. Never put that together. It makes so much more sense. Other people need to know they aren’t alone. Or maybe it will lead people to get help if they didn’t realize beforehand. So, Kai Roberts. THANK YOU!!

Trey B.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, November 2022

This presentation is incredibly helpful and informative as well as engaging. Kai brought us through his story in a way that was informative, personable, entertaining, and relatable. Even though I have mental health conversations every day as part of my career, Kai said things that I relate to and made me feel seen in a way I haven’t yet experienced in another mental health presentation. Everyone should watch this so they can feel seen or to help them see and understand friends and family who may be experiencing mental health challenges. Thank you so much for having this conversation with us!

Carrie B.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, November 2022

I really appreciated and enjoyed hearing this presentation. The music was passionately filled with real life experiences and emotion. While learning about Kai’s life story it was very heart-opening, not only because of the relation of experiences with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, but also the vulnerability to be able to share such personal experiences. I feel that this presentation helped me reconfirm an idea I subscribe to: The human species is greatly complex, but can also be so simple at times. We all experience emotions, negative thoughts, positive thoughts at different frequencies and intensities, and we share so many life experiences each unique in our own way. I think that’s why this presentation (and related conversations) are important to help us come together as communities instead of allowing the Status Quo to separate us.

Lannisa H.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, November 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. The way Kai complements his life story with the music is awesome. His transparency really helps us to see that we’re not alone in our walk to good health.

Erin B.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, January 2023

I’ve been dealing mental health issues personally for several years, and going through changes with healthcare coverage and lost my group therapy. I realize this is not a replacement for proctored group therapy, but listening to Kai share and get input from others while having breaks of music filled a bit of that void and allowed me time to focus and reflect on my own stuff.

Nate S.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, January 2023

My experience at Mental Health Through Music was phenomenal! First as a musician, Kai brought vibes that were healing and filled with substance. The music was packed with passion and that is something I will always appreciate from an artist. Also, as someone who experienced the ups and downs of anxiety, I was extremely appreciative of his transparency. The presentation was a safe space filled with learning and story telling. 10/10 recommended for anyone wanting to experience a life changing moment.

James L.

Mental Health Through Music Attendee, January 2023

Kai and I are alumni of Carnegie Mellon and I got to know him more through his professional speaking and musical performances. As an event planner at Washington & Jefferson College, I hired him twice for two of his most popular programs. Students left inspired by his practiced ability to weave his story and mental health awareness education through his music. Kai’s passion for this topic is very evident in his advocacy work and how he facilitates discussions with the audience. I highly recommend his “Mental Health Through Music” and “Rapping the Movement” programs!

Sammie Walker Herrera

Former Coordinator of Diversity & Leadership Initiatives, Washington & Jefferson College